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Resources for Introduction to Computer Basics & Computers for the Terrified

This page contains copies of documents handed out in class and some 'at home' activities.

If you are having trouble using this page, please speak to your tutor for further assistance.

Week 1 – The Basics

Parts of the computer

This describes the parts of the computers based on a desktop. If you are a laptop user, most of what is described in this document is contained within the laptop casing.

Download 'parts of the computer' PDF

Keyboard & mouse

The keyboard and mouse are described here using the most common buttons. It is not necessary, at this point, to understand them all. Practicing using the keyboard by typing will increase familiarity.

Download 'keyboard and mouse' PDF

Mouse pointers

As we use the mouse (or touchpad) the pointer you see moving on the screen will change shape depending on the program you are using. These are the most common pointers but there are more.

Download 'mouse pointers' PDF

Basic Computer operations

How does it all work? Read this handout to find out more.

Download 'basic computer operations' PDF


Setting up your computer work area is an essential part of using your computer to ensure you don't become fatigued or injured. Remember to have regular breaks!

Download 'ergonomic assessment checklist' PDF

Using the Ergonomic handout, set up your computer work area.


Week 2 – Getting Started

Website link for online tutorial

This website tutorial allows you to practice basic skills using an interactive site. Use this link to go to the site.

Download 'website for online tutorial' PDF

Working with a window

When working with a computer there are many options to make viewing easier. The document will take you through the different ways we can manage windows.

Download 'working with a window' PDF

Using menus

Menus are not just for restaurants. We use them to navigate our way around programs, pages and the internet.

Download 'using menus' PDF

Introducing you to paint

Paint isn't a program for children. It's an opportunity to practice mouse skills, use menus and much more.

Download 'introducing you to paint' PDF

Using your home computer and the 'working with a window' document, follow the process as you did in class. Note any problems or successes you have for discussion.




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