Privacy Policy


The Basin Community House believes that individuals personal and/or health information gathered as part of house activities should only be used for the purpose for which it was collected and safeguarded from misuse.


The Basin Community House aims to provide a clear, mutual understanding of rights and responsibilities concerning the quality, collection, use of, access to, security, archiving and disposal of personal information held by the organisation.


  • Personal information should only be collected if necessary for an identified purpose, e.g ACFE statistical reporting.
  • Ensure that the person knows the purpose for collecting personal information e.g. include explanatory statement on enrolment forms.
  • If the information is to be used or disclosed for other purposes, seek the person’s written consent.
  • Ensure that information is accurate before using it.
  • Ensure that security safeguards and disposal policies are implemented to reduce risks of unauthorised access, use, modification and disclosure.
  • Ensure that a person can exercise their right to have access to, and seek to correct, information held about them.
  • Provide avenues for a person to find out more about how their information is handled and ways to make a complaint if they believe it has not been handled in accordance with the relevant privacy principles.

Disclosure Statement

Data is required by funding agencies which is relevant and is provided to appropriate bodies.