I was born in 1946 so I am now 76 years of age. I have always been a morning person. I married in 1964 and was married for 52 years, my husband died in 2016.

Since then I sold my house in Wantirna South and moved to Boronia. After that I decided that I wanted to give back to the community. I contacted Knox City Council enquiring about volunteering and I am so glad that they suggested that I join The Basin Community House.

In my “working life” I was a company secretary and director, my strength was administration. I am pedantic about the small matters that did not make sense and I would always follow them through until they did make sense.

I really enjoy the atmosphere at the House and am always made to feel that I am contributing, even though my contribution is small compared to other volunteers.

I also volunteer at the German Shepherd Dog Club (Eastern Branch) as membership officer and a committee member. My husband and I always had German Shepherd dogs, we showed them and participated in obedience trials. I still have two German Shepherds, Tush and Grazzie. I enjoy reading, used to knit a lot until the dreaded arthritis made my hands so sore that I could not hold the needles – I regret this as I have a project that I cannot finish, I also enjoy going to the theatre.

I have two daughters and four grand-children. I really love being involved in family gatherings and am really interested in what is happening in their lives. I think my daughters are my (our) greatest achievement, they are sharing and caring individuals a trait which they have passed onto their own children.