I have been teaching the Lightroom classes for The Basin Community House for the last few years. With an online classroom full of inside knowledge, tips, tricks and the latest information to help you take your images from ho hum to oh wow.

My mission is to help photographers, just like you, improve your skills and boost your confidence in your photography, and your editing skills.

It doesn’t matter your stage of learning; whether from absolute beginner to more advanced photographers, to show you that with the right support and guidance, the required skills and knowledge can be gained, that you can create images like you see online and in magazine. To help you boost your confidence, your skills and photographic achievements.

To help you achieve this, I have a safe and supportive classroom environment with encouragement and feedback on your accomplishments and progress.

I’ll know when this is successful when you consistently capture the images you want, are proud of and happily share them with family, friends and peers. Also when you say you could ‘feel’ that you captured your vision… for me, there is no better feeling.